3 Yoga Poses to Clear the Throat Chakra

Article by Eve Sengkeo

Speaking your truth is not always easy no matter how blunt you are. Sometimes, it’s just better to take the high road. Or it’s just not necessary to have the last word. Either way, issues centered on communication can have an energetic impact on the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is located at the neck and responsible for self-expression and communication. If you feel like you have difficulties with speaking your truth, there are many ways to clear your throat chakra on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

A well-tuned asana can help with balancing the throat chakra on all four levels. All it takes is daily and consistent practice. Remember, setting your intentions is key as energy flows where intention goes.

For instance, you can set the intention to be more honest with yourself, or to say “no” when you need the time alone, and so forth.

Image by Boris Smokrovic

To clear the throat chakra in yoga, incorporate twists, backbends and other poses that help with stretching the neck upper part of the thoracic spine. Here are three poses to try out from the comfort of your home.

1. Triangle pose: In this wide-legged standing pose, the legs are spread apart with the toes pointed at an angle. One hand is touching the shin, mat or lightly placed on a block for balance. The other hand is reaching towards the ceiling. Turn your gaze to the top hand and focus your attention on the top of your middle finger. By turning your gaze up, this helps to deepen the stretch for your neck and spine.

2. Camel pose: In this backbend floor pose, you are standing on your knees. Using your core to lean back with control, slowly bring your hands to your heels or ankles. Allow your head to hang heavy. This helps to open the throat chakra as the neck is tilted back. Hold this pose for about 20 seconds before gently pressing your way back up to your knees. The counter pose for camel pose is child’s pose.

3. Bow pose: Laying on your stomach with your chin slightly tucked towards your chest, bend your knees back towards your lower back. Bring your hands to wrap around the top of your feet or ankles. Left your chin and chest up extending the neck. Hold your bow pose for a few seconds with your gaze forward before releasing your hands, legs and chest back down.

Please note, these backbends and stretches are not intended for women who are expecting, people with neck injuries, back aches or ankle sprains. Always tune into your body and know your limits.

May you move forward each day expressing your truth and shining your light!

Eve Sengkeo
Eve Sengkeo

Eve Sengkeo, RYT is a prenatal and Hatha yoga teacher. Her passion is helping busy women achieve holistic wellness through yoga and energy healing. You can read all about her setbacks, comebacks, and all the lessons learned in between on her website SilverLinedDays.com. Welcome to connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SilverLinedDays/.