5 Reasons Why Yoga is a Great Anti-Aging Practice

Article by Marta Branco

Among endless anti-aging products and practices out there, yoga is a great anti-aging practice, which can slow and reverse the aging process of your body.

Additionally, it can also help keep your mind in top-notch shape, mostly by relieving stress and promoting positive thinking.

Looking good and young has become a modern obsession. This desire is constantly present in our lives and it is responsible for numerous of our actions.

Dieting in a certain way, buying cosmetics and beauty products, even practicing a specific sport or discipline… All in the name of being healthy and decreasing the visible signs of aging.
Still, aging is a natural body process and unfortunately, no one can really escape it.

In spite of this reality, there is still a lot you can do to slow down your aging process. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will certainly help for starters.

However, there is one practice that can revolutionize your life – yoga.

Yogic practices are known for its extensive health and anti-aging benefits that keep your body and mind in optimal conditions.

There are simply too many benefits of why yoga is a great anti-aging practice and an excellent disciple to include in your routine. It strengthens your body, it stimulates your mind and it promotes spiritual peace.
But if you’re really into reversing aging and accomplish a younger appearance, then you should be aware of why yoga is a great anti-aging technique.

5 Reasons Why Yoga is a Great Anti-Aging Practice
Image by Biel Morro
Here are the top 5 reasons of why you should include yoga in your anti-aging plan:
1. Meditation and Stress Relief

Stress is one of the main agents in the process of premature aging. Mostly because it generates emotional distress and instability in your mind. This critical

This critical unbalance will ultimately affect your body and speed up cellular aging.
Meditation is known for keeping the mind free from stress and tension, even while under pressure. It also keeps your focus on a point and it can severely decrease your natural degeneration when practiced on a regular basis.

2. Facial Training

In general, your aging is mostly perceptible through your face. Wrinkles start to accentuate, aging spots become quite visible and your skin loses consistency.

This progressive reality might impact your self-image but you can slow it down.

To stimulate your face, you can perform specific yoga exercises, such as the Simhasana and the Kapal Bhati Pranayama. Both stimulate facial muscles, alleviate stress and promote blood circulation, which energizes your face.

3. Better Breathing

One of the perks of yoga is the ability to increase your lung’s capacity. By other words, it teaches you how to breathe in an optimal way. By taking in more air and breathing fewer times, you’ll be increasing the energy input to your cells.

Also, you can improve your digestive system and lower your blood pressure by simply breathing better. All these benefits together will provide you with a healthier and more functional body.

4. Body Awareness and Posture

Being aware of what our body is telling us is particularly important as we age. And yoga teaches exactly how to be more observant and mindful about all the internal and external signs.

“Listen to learn and learn to improve.”

Yoga will also improve your posture over time and this is such an important benefit as you age. After all, bad posture is most likely to happen as you age.
Nevertheless, yoga strengthens your back and it increases your overall posture.

5. Balance and Flexibility

Another benefit of practicing yoga to remain young is the improvement of balance and flexibility. As you age, you will feel naturally weaker and out of balance, however with a yogic practice that can surely change.

In terms of flexibility, aging can damage your body, including severe muscle deterioration and shorter-rounder vertebrae. Yoga ensures that your health stays sharp by lengthening your spine and improving blood circulation.

There are many other practices that can fight back aging and bring back some young into your body. Nonetheless, yoga is one of the most complete and effective practices you can include in your health and anti-aging plan.

Besides, yoga doesn’t necessarily have to weight on your wallet. You can practice yoga for free by following videos and tutorials on the internet. Or you can attend local lessons for a significant fee.

Additionally, there are no side or undesired effects of yoga practices.

So, if you’re looking forward to delay your aging process and bring some radiance to your golden years, make sure to start practice yoga today!

Marta Branco is writing for www.agelessrewired.com on a regular basis. She is a freelance writer with extensive knowledge on lifestyles and health. Marta has been recently focusing on female and motivational topics.