Chakra Balancing Warm Up Sequence

Article by Eve Sengkeo

Need new ideas for your next yoga class? Having trouble designing a theme for your next session?

Release those fears, Eve Sengkeo is here!

Today, I’m sharing with you my go-to chakra balancing warm-up sequence that receives the most “thumbs up” from my Hatha, prenatal, vinyasa, and power yoga students. Welcome to adjust the below warm-up series for any 60-75 minute class!

A short introduction at the start of class:

“We all have 7 energetic centers, called the chakras. Each chakra represents a quality.

Root: Security, belonging,

Sacral: Creativity,

Solar Plexus: Personal power,

Heart: Compassion, forgiveness,

Throat: Truth, Communication,

Third Eye: Intuition, wisdom,

Crown: Enlightenment.

A lot of times if we are depleted from the week and don’t really recharge on the weekend, our chakras can become imbalanced. So today’s class, I’d like to incorporate some chakra balancing techniques into our practice to help us start off the upcoming week with more peace.

You’ll probably notice that the yoga sequences and poses are similar to any other class. But listen to my queues to tune into which chakra is being opened. Let’s get started!”

1. Open with breath work

Come to a comfortable seated position,

Flutter the eyes close,

Imagine yourself rooted to the earth,

Ground down through your sits bones,

Through the root chakra.

Helpful clues: The root chakra is associated with the element earth and feelings of stability, security, belonging, and coming home.

We’ll establish stillness in order to feel grounded before opening up other energy centers. If your thoughts are everywhere today, place your palms facing down on your knees for more grounding. Let go of any thoughts that don’t serve you right now.

Take a few deep cleansing breaths, filling up the lungs like a balloon. Letting go another thought with each exhale. Continue to focus on your breath, your anchor. That will keep you in the present moment. You are centered and grounded.

Set your intention for your practice. Perhaps it’s to be more self-accepting, less judgmental, more forgiving. Whatever the adjective for the intention, we’ll work on it through opening up the chakra for that quality.

Chakra Balancing Warm Up Sequence
Image by Sharon Pittaway

2. Kundalini rolls

Warm up the spin with Kundalini rolls,

Start with leaning as far to the right,

Then making your way to lean forward,

Then rolling to the left side,

Completing the circle by leaning back,

Continue exaggerating these circles to warm up the spine,

Switch directions when you’re ready.

Helpful clues: Let’s begin to open up the second chakra with simple movements to warm up the hips. The 2nd chakra is the center of creativity, associated with the water element. So we are coming from a place of stability, security to a place of play, creativity.

This movement also incorporates our solar plexus, 3rd chakra. The solar plexus is the center of confidence, strength, and willpower. It is embodied in strong, powerful standing poses such as Warrior 2.

As we make our way through each chakra from the root to the crown, we are still working the previously mentioned chakras. Grounding to the Earth for the root chakra. Activating the hip joints for the sacral chakra. And continuing to engage the solar plexus, associated with the fire element, building up your core heat.

3. Spinal twist

Let’s bring both hands to the shoulders,

Inhale twist right,

Exhale twist left,

Continue this at your own pace as we open up the heart chakra.

Helpful clues: This chakra is associated with the element air and feelings of openness, compassion, love and joy. Inhaling and exhaling air to help our energy flow. Come back to neutral and switch directions.

Let’s move upwards to activate the 5th chakra, which impacts our ability to express what’s in our hearts and speak our truth.

4. Shoulder and neck rolls

Roll the shoulders forward and up towards the ears,

Then back and down,

Exaggerate to open up chest,

Continue for a few more repetitions,

Then bring the right ear to the right shoulder,

Gently roll through center and continue to the other side at your own perfect pace.

5. Child’s pose

Let’s make our way to table top,

I invite you to do some cat/cow poses to continue warming up the spine,

When ready, from table top, send the hips back to balasana,

Massage the 3rd eye chakra, seat of intuition,

Rolling the forehead side to side,

Tuning in to the breath.

When we pay attention to what we are trying to activate, this helps us to focus sending our energy to opening up our chakras. Regularly incorporating yoga and energy work to balance the chakras to help us attract what we want in life.

Eve Sengkeo
Eve Sengkeo

Eve Sengkeo, RYT is a prenatal and Hatha yoga teacher. Her passion is helping busy women achieve holistic wellness through yoga and energy healing. You can read all about her setbacks, comebacks, and all the lessons learned in between on her website Welcome to connect with her on Facebook at