Mixed Level Hatha Yoga Sequence

Article by Eve Sengkeo

New to teaching Hatha yoga? Not sure how to conduct a class catered to beginners and advanced Hatha yogis?

Let’s start with defining Hatha because whether you are new to Hatha yoga or a hard core yogini, it can be tricky to keep track of the various styles of yoga popping up everywhere.

There are so many creative variations of yoga that combine Eastern and Western practices.

At this point, the most traditional types of yoga styles may be less known as it can get crowded out from the other latest variations. Hatha yoga is one of the most traditional types of yoga out there.

In Sanskrit, “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon. When you put the sun and moon together, it’s all about balance.

Accordingly, the yoga sequences in a typical Hatha yoga class are focused on balance movements.

Mixed Level Hatha Yoga Sequence
Image by Simon Matzinger

Hatha sequences aim to align the spine as the poses help to counterbalance all the sitting we do at our desks and in our car.

The poses in Hatha also center on gentle stretching and hear openers to counterbalance the hunching we do while typing and texting through the day. This includes stretching the hip flexors and other muscles of the body.

In mixed-level Hatha classes, instructors typically offer modifications so there are options for folks completely new to yoga.

Yoga teachers will also offer amplifications for those who have been practicing yoga for years and seek advanced poses for a more challenging workout.

A typical one hour mixed-level Hatha yoga class may include variations of the following yoga sequence. 

Try this mixed level Hatha yoga sequence to see how you feel:

Centering and grounding
Seated in sukhasana. Focus on breath.

Warm-up (seated)
Neck rolls, shoulder rolls, spine twist, arm stretches

Warm-up (on hands/knees)
Cats/cows, threading the needle, child’s pose

Standing exercises
Sun A and/or Sun B salutation

Floor exercises
Dandasana, butterfly pose, januasana

Back series
Bridge pose, happy baby, wheel

Cool down
Savansana, meditation.

Eve Sengkeo
Eve Sengkeo

Eve Sengkeo, RYT is a prenatal and Hatha yoga teacher. Her passion is helping busy women achieve holistic wellness through yoga and energy healing. You can read all about her setbacks, comebacks, and all the lessons learned in between on her website SilverLinedDays.com. Welcome to connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SilverLinedDays/.