Holistic Approach towards Life through Yoga

Article by Sumedha Rewar

The true purpose of  Yoga encompasses different aspects for everyone. The major function is to become pro-active about health and add to its holistic aspects.

It focuses on ending the suffering with the most desirous and natural ways. There is stress all around the globe and some Yogis focus on delivering their positivity to the world with the exposure to their beliefs and yoga practices.

Each Yoga type has a difference in some or the other way, but the major aim behind doing it is almost similar in all the cases.

Yoga leads towards better physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. It is important for you to prioritize your requirements and judge the yoga patterns according to your own needs.

The mind needs discipline and you get challenged for various limits of the activities to work on Yoga.


Holistic Approach towards Life through Yoga
Image by Hisanari Kunimoto
Following Holistic approach

You might miss out the purpose of doing Yoga with your wavering mind or improper training. Yoga teacher is necessary to make the right move and bring you towards the right direction to implement it in your life.

Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and routine guidance are a sort of following a holistic approach towards learning better yogic techniques.

It is not possible to get the holistic benefits till you get associated with a Guru or training for the same.

Once you get all the knowledge and start implementing it in your daily life, you can do self-training to become better and even help others to get towards this path.

You can spread your knowledge, experience, and ideas in any way and people will certainly start getting an idea about your aim.

Positive approach towards Yoga and following the right ways to spread it will make your mind healthy and you’ll automatically feel like sharing the benefits with others.

Yoga in the West

Yoga originated from India but it has spread all over the world for its holistic benefits. There is a misconception about Yogis that they need to be muscular, thin, young and physically gifted.

However, the reality is that they’ve achieved a level where they can get anything done from their body.

This level is achieved only by regular practice, belief, dedication and sincere efforts.

Holistic approach towards Yoga can be really encouraging and bring out miracles in your life.

Apart from physical exercises, Yoga has to give a lot to the follower. Pranayama doesn’t involve any hard physical movements, but it can bring a meaningful approach to anyone’s life.

Don’t concentrate on the bodily actions as Yoga gives much more. It gives pleasure to your mind which is missing in almost every person in today’s stressful lives.

A yoga teacher can actually help you in explaining the holistic health benefits of Yoga. There are many myths related to Yogic implementations and all those can go off by getting associated with a right person to implement Yoga techniques for holistic development.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha has IT background and has the inclination towards Yoga, Reiki and Naturopathy. She has always intended to give the best to humanity in whichever way she can. She believes that positive approach in life and faith in anything can lead you towards a better living. Her proclivity in the world of meditation has made her choose a different path from her academics. You can reach her directly on the email ID sumedha@reikirays.com