The Power of Water and the Benefits of Zen H2O – Yoga in and on the Water

Article by Cindy Walker


Water is simply; peaceful, pure, cleansing, refreshing, spiritual, motivating, invigorating and powerful.

Water Facts

• We are composed of 70-80% water
• Brain cells are 75-85% water
• The water volume that is stored in the disc cores of the spine (especially the 5th lumbar disc) supports – 75% of the weight of our upper body
• 50% of cartilage in joints and discs is made of water
• Our total body water is replaced about every 15 days. In about 2 weeks you could replace 70% of yourself with something healthy and pure
• Water is more important than food. It ranks right up there with air!!!

The complete role of water in our system is only partially understood. So, far as we know; water supplies the body’s tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Water is a solvent not just a transport mechanism. It holds nutritive factors in solution while it delivers necessary component thought the body.

In addition it:
1. Carries away excess wastes and flushes out toxins
2. Is a natural diuretic
3. Metabolizes stored fat and reduces fatty deposits
4. Controls our body temperature
5. Is Mother Nature’s greatest beauty tonic

The average person needs to drink a minimum of 2 liters of GOOD clean purified water per day. Adding fresh lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are my favorite ingredients for added health benefits. If you are more overweight, you will need an extra glass per 25 pounds of excess weight, so 2 liters per day may not be adequate. If you exercise longer or more intensely, drink coffee or alcohol you will require more water as well.

The wave of the future

Aquatic fitness and hydro therapy offers many options and different forms of classes and training including; lap swimming, cross-training with conditioning equipment, Aqua jogging or running and water aerobics both deep and shallow instruction.

Most recently, more and more community and therapy pools are offering stress management classes such as Yoga in the Water and even Aquatic Therapy treatments such as Watsu massage, Craniosacral therapy or Water Dance sessions.

Many health professionals belief that Aquatics is the wave of the future. Due to excessive stress on our bones and joints it is said that water fitness will become the exercise means for many individuals.

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You don’t have to be a swimmer to reap the benefits of aquatic exercises. So, whether you are looking to take your Yoga class to the next level, improve your balance and coordination, increase muscle strength, rehabilitate a chronic source of pain or find deeper peace and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit – getting wet could be the answer for you.

Here’s HOW it works… and WHY it works

Just being in the water causes you to exercise with more focus and intensity. Whether you are in or on top of the water every move you make has to be deliberate to resist the continual pressure or flow of the water on or around your body.

Water Resistance

Because the water is a thicker medium than air, by moving in the water the amount of resistance from the water can range from 4 to 44 times that of air. Using the resistance of the water is like exercising with weights or machines on land but safer.


Either submerged or surrounded by water there is a tranquil almost spiritual feeling of safety and protection. This enables many participants to push past their fears and boundaries allowing them to find a deeper peace, increase the range of motion and challenge their balance.


In chest deep water the ideal depth for doing Yoga in the Water – approximately 90% of your body is buoyant, therefore you really are bearing only 10% of your weight when you are in the water. Research tells us that exercise injuries are usually related to impact. Every time a person’s foot comes in contact with the ground, impact occurs. Because each person weighs so much less in the water, the impact on the body is reduced. Exercise in the water is much safer on your joints and muscles; virtually stress-free.


Whether you teach a water class or provide a water massage session in a recreational pool, therapy pool or in the ocean/lake – often the average temperature of these bodies of water falls between 28-30 degrees Celsius and tends to be the same all year long – allowing for a flexible environment for scheduling and programming classes and client sessions. Special consideration must be taken into account for the air temperature to ensure that we are in alinement with the core body temperature and creating an overall comfortable atmosphere.

Special consideration must be taken into account for the air temperature to ensure that we are in alinement with the core body temperature and creating an overall comfortable atmosphere.

Massaging Effect

The hydrostatic pressure; is the pressure of the water on your body, joints, muscles and internal organs, gently massaging your body while you are in the water. While doing an Aquatic exercise or Yoga in the Water class you will not feel the same muscle fatigued as you do on land, but you do get the same fitness benefits– PLUS a mini massage ☺.

Cindy’s mission is to support and empower individuals of all ages to master the art of getting their Zen on Anywhere, Anytime — quickly, easily and fully. Aaaaahhhhhh…


So, DRINK UP, get WET and get Zen !!!

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Cindy Walker
Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker is a Stress Expert, Yoga/Fitness Instructor, Aquatic Specialist and Certified Massage Practitioner. She has been in the fitness and wellness industry for 35+ years helping her clients find peace, get healthy and be happy. She is an inspirational speaker/trainer, gifted practitioner, author and compassionate leader who has facilitated countless engaging one-on-one sessions, classes, workshops and instructor training seminars for. Cindy offers in-person or online interactive workshops and Instructor training for a variety of D-Stress Fitness™ topics her signature Zen H20 programs including; Yoga in the Water, Yoga infused with Paddle Boarding/Kayaking, H20 Massage, and Lifesaving Fitness/Swim programs. Feel free to contact her by telephone/text: 1.403.466.0467, email: or Facebook Page: