Which Yoga Type Is Suitable for You?

Article by Sumedha Rewar

Healing powers of Yoga are not hidden from anyone and your lifestyle can tell you about the choice of right Yoga type required for you.

There might be many possibilities for you to get into a conversation with people regarding their opinions for Yoga. No one can make the decision for you what yoga practices to choose.

It is not so difficult to seek out the right yoga type for you. The initial thoughts to consider should be why you wish to include yoga in your lifestyle.

Some people do it only as their doctor suggests it for some specific problem in life and others reconnect with a healthy lifestyle through this beautiful art.

Looking out for yoga classes?

Keep in mind that you’re not alone searching for a yoga class. Many people try to seek out for the best yoga class, but a few of them are really satisfied with it and do it correctly. You’ll get to the right match by attending to different yoga sessions. I consider being nice to have some knowledge about the yoga techniques and classes before registering.

The teacher should appeal you and their way of making you do yoga practices should be ideal for you.
You must take demo classes to understand yoga and even know your teacher to check out your comfort level.

Every teacher has different ways of implementing their techniques and knowledge. Hence, your focus should be to do controlled movements and spiritually implement the ideas for a broader perspective.

Yoga is powerful in all the aspects. It is necessary to talk to your teacher regarding all the problems or concerns before beginning your classes.

Taking an example, Power yoga should not be chosen for the people suffering from chronic back problems or neck pain. A perfect yoga teacher will guide you through everything in a desirable way. If you’ve been diagnosed with any health issue and want to get rid of it with yoga, it will be beneficial to talk to your doctor and even take the assistance of an expert yoga master.

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 What type of yoga is right for me?

There is no particular kind of yoga appropriate for any person. It is about the inspiration you get from the class and your teacher.

Your physical and mental balance should be made in the appropriate way to get the required results from yoga. Not any one class or prop can be appropriate for yoga practicing. Consider these three points for making the right choice:

• Lifestyle
• Schedule
• Medical requirements


Some people have myths regarding Yoga. You don’t require belonging to a particular religion or beliefs to practice Yoga. Everyone can get healing benefits from their yoga practice. In general, it can relax your body muscles and relieve stress.

Practicing yoga along with your family or friends makes a positive impact on the general health. Stress and fast paced lifestyles can get relieved with regular yoga modules.

The popularity of yoga has tremendously increased due to the results people attain from doing it on regular basis.

 Five main types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga: It involves physical exercises and breathing techniques to calm the mind. Believe it or not, this type of yoga has helped even Yogis to get enlightenment.

Ashtanga Viniyasa: It is another form of yoga, which has attained popularity from last few years. It is the physical and mental form of yoga, which emphasizes on the perfect combination of movements and breathing.

Sivananda yoga: This yoga form has only 12 defined postures. One of it includes sun salutation, which has involves the union of physical, breathing and meditation. It is even seen as a family friendly form of yoga and can be done by people of all ages.

Vini Yoga: It is personalized yoga, which is tailored to the customized needs of an individual. It is wonderful for the people who want to have individual classes and majorly getting yoga classes for some specific medical purpose.

Iyengar: It refers to slow yoga and has precise movements. It is the most practiced yoga throughout the world and helps the body in all the aspects. Usually, the people having cervical pain, back pain, or chronic issues prefer this type of yoga. It can improve your posture and mental balance.

You can learn more about these yoga techniques in order to choose the right style of yoga class, which completely matches with your lifestyle.

Be prepared and start your yoga classes with full enthusiasm.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha has IT background and has the inclination towards Yoga, Reiki and Naturopathy. She has always intended to give the best to humanity in whichever way she can. She believes that positive approach in life and faith in anything can lead you towards a better living. Her proclivity in the world of meditation has made her choose a different path from her academics. You can reach her directly on the email ID sumedha@reikirays.com