Know about Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Article by Sumedha Rewar

Yoga Nidra is also termed as Yogic Sleep. It is a next level towards getting a stable body, mind, and intuition.

This process involving five stages and concentration, on the breath meditation.

The emotional states of the body are balanced, and it undergoes self-healing process.

Yoga Nidra is a practice that can take you to the next level; a relaxed body, mind, and highly charged intuition.

There is Sankalpa taken in the beginning of the session to set out a positive intention.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Before the beginning of any new thing in life, you must know what all good it can do for your body and mind.

There are different stages of consciousness in the sleep pattern.

Yoga Nidra is highly successful in creating peace of mind and awareness in the body. It is the way of self-mastering your nervous system and practically prepares body and mind for stimulating the prana energy.

In an approximated view, 45 minutes of Yogic sleep is equivalent to three hours of deep sleep. There will be reduced body ailments with the regular sessions of Yoga Nidra and it will lead to higher energy generation in the body.

Rest improves mental and physical health and keeps you away from brain fog, insomnia, depression, anxiety and many mind related issues.

Levels of Yoga Nidra

Initial Relaxation Technique

You can get engaged in the breathing exercises and make up your mind to trigger your nervous system to activate the cells for Yoga Nidra.

Sankalpa (Resolution)

Sankalpa is the way to wish for or intend or resolve before going to yogic sleep.

The intention could be to get courage, inner peace, fearlessness or internal fulfillment.

Steps for Yoga Nidra

Step 1: Awareness through the body

The primary objective at this stage is to isolate the mind and body. The body is separated from the senses and the mind is alert, well-focused and away from external stimuli.

There is command over the sensory mechanisms of the body through the brain mapping exercises.

Pratyahara is created which is the way of sense withdrawal and it aims at opening the gates of subconscious and unconscious mind.

The stimulation in the brain relaxes the sensory and motor organs and relaxes body & mind.

Step 2: Prana Awareness

The main aim behind this step is to make your mind aware of the bodily and emotional responses. You can become thoughtful about the dominion outside the bodily experiences without becoming judgmental.

Breathing techniques are implemented to create a momentum for the inward journey of the body.

Know about Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
Image by Thomas Tucker

Step 3: Feeling and Emotional Awareness

This stage is critical for polarizing the emotional experiences. The best way is to dissolute the emotional and conditional programming and keeping concealed from the conscious awareness in your subconscious mind.

There can be past experiences felt at this stage and you have to simply let the feelings go on without disrupting the flow of thoughts.

Step 4: Visualizing

You can actually start working with the unconscious mind and emotional patterns at this stage. Samskaras build up the programming of the mind and they involve the individual impressions, actions, and ideas.

This step involves the guided visualization or the journeys to get the relaxed state of mind. We can heal and cleanse the body from inside with different virtual images arising in the subconscious mind.

Step 5: Conclusion

This step is the revision of your Sankalpa (intention) and fixing it in the subconscious mind. You can return to the state of awareness back to the body.

Feel the magic of Yoga Nidra and release all the blockages from the body. You can include peace in your brain, release the physical body and gain higher intellect by doing Yoga Nidra on regular basis.

There will be tremendous effects for beginners by getting into the stage of consciousness.

Expert yogis do regular Yoga Nidra to highlight their meditation balance and concentration.

Try out Yoga Nidra and share your experiences.

Blessings & Love..!!

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha has IT background and has the inclination towards Yoga, Reiki and Naturopathy. She has always intended to give the best to humanity in whichever way she can. She believes that positive approach in life and faith in anything can lead you towards a better living. Her proclivity in the world of meditation has made her choose a different path from her academics. You can reach her directly on the email ID